Reviews of Gates of Eden

Gates of Eden

Reviews of Gates of Eden

This is a vital and important book for anyone who wants to know the intricate and sometimes explosive connections between culture and politics in the sixties. Dickstein is a forthright and judicious critic, whether he’s writing about intellectual New York, Bob Dylan, or contemporary fiction.”

—Richard Poirier

“I don’t know of anyone who could have written a better book on the period and I don’t know of anyone who as. It’s a pleasure to read cultural history and criticism free of ideology, special pleading and wishful thinking, and full of that rare grace of true understanding, the ability to make the right connections and the right distinctions.”
—Richard Gilman

With excellent literary judgment and judicious sympathy [Dickstein] covers politics and culture…the ‘new journalism,’ fiction, rock music, black writing and black nationalism and concludes with an autobiographical sketch that nicely reveals the relationship of the observer to the things observed.
Christopher Lasch in NYT Book Review

A vivacious, highly original work, combining literary criticism, political commentary…and candid personal testimony.
Walter Clemons in Newsweek

Full text of Robert Christgau’s review from the Village Voice, originally published April 25th, 1977


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  1. Hello! I enjoyed reading this book. I am wondering whether the translation rights in simplified Chinese are available? Our company wants to publish this book in mainland China. Thanks!

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