Morris Dickstein

Current Positions:
Distinguished Professor of English, Senior Fellow, Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016
Date of Birth:
February 23, 1940
(New York City)
Columbia College (A.B., magna cum laude, 1961)

Yale University (M.A. 1963)

Clare College, Cambridge (1963-64)

Yale University (Ph.D. 1967)

(Dissertation: The Divided Self: A Study of Keats’ Poetic Development. Director: Harold Bloom)

Married to Lore Willner, January 3, 1965
Fellowships and Honors:
General Motors Scholarship (1957-61)

Phi Beta Kappa (1961)

Danforth Fellowship (1961-66)

Kellett Research Fellowship, Cambridge (1963-64)

Chamberlain Fellowship for junior faculty (1969-70)

Society for Religion in Higher Education, post-doctoral fellowship in interdisciplinary study (1969-70)

John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship (1973-74)

NEH Summer Stipend (1975)

ACLS Fellowship (Spring 1977)

Nomination, National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism (1978)

Fulbright Fellowship, travel (1980-81)

Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowship (1981-82)

NEH Fellowship (1986-87)

Mellon Fellow, National Humanities Center (1989-90)

Resident Scholar, Rockefeller Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy (June-July 1994).

Teaching Positions:
Danforth Teaching Fellow, Yale (1964-66)

Instructor in English, Columbia (1966-67)

Asst. Prof. of English, Columbia (1967-71)

Assoc. Prof. of English, Queens College (1971-75)

Faculty, Ph.D. Program in English, CUNY (1974- )

Professor of English, CUNY (1976- )

Visiting Professor of English and American Studies, University of Paris-VIII, St. Denis (Fall 1980)

Faculty, Ph.D. Program in Theatre, CUNY (1987- )

Director, NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers, CUNY Graduate Center (1978; new seminar, 1988)

Distinguished Professor of English, CUNY (1994- )


Executive Committee, Ph.D. Program in English, CUNY (1977-79; 1985-86; 1987-89; 1992-98; 2007- ). Also, Chair, Curriculum Committee (1985-86); member, Presidential Search Committee for new Executive Officer (1985-86); Faculty Membership Committee (1987-89; 1991-92); Dissertation Committee (1987-89); Admissions Committee (1990-92); Faculty mentor to new students (1991- ).

Coordinator, American Studies program, CUNY Graduate School (l988-96). Chair, Search Committee for Distinguished Professor of Italian-American Studies, Queens College (1994-95).

Executive Committee, Film Studies Certificate Program, CUNY Graduate School (1993-2007), Acting Coordinator (2002-03); American Studies Certificate Program (1998- ).

Founding Director, Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center (1993-2000), senior fellow (2000- ). Member, Internal Development Committee, CUNY Graduate Center (1994-95); Member, Provost Search Committee (1998). Chair, Committee on Graduate Center’s 40th-anniversary celebration (1997-2000); Member, Central Faculty Steering Committee (2003- , Chair, 2007-8 ).

External member, humanities study commission, New School University (1999), tenure committee (2002).

 Activities in Literature and Scholarship:

First Reader, American literary Anthology, ed. George Plimpton (New York, 1968)

Panelist and Participant, conference on “Literature and Culture,” Noordwijk, Netherlands (1970)

Delivered paper on Coleridge, MLA (1970)

Associate, Seminar on Theory of Literature, Columbia University (1972-98)

Humanities Consultant, Basic Books (1972-1980)

Contributing Editor, Partisan Review (1972-2003)

Commentator and Participant, Rockefeller Foundation

Conference on the humanities, organized by Partisan Review (May 1974)

Lecturer, City College (March 1974), University of Maryland (October 1974), Williams College (November 1974)

Delivered paper, “Matthew Arnold Then and Now,” English

Institute, Harvard University (August 1975)

Chairman and organizer, panel on contemporary fiction,

English Institute, Harvard (September 1976)

Lecturer, Shelley Society of New York (1976)

Participant, conference on intellectuals, New York

Institute for the Humanities, NYU (1976)

Delivered paper on “New York and the National Culture” at symposium sponsored by NY State Council for the Humanities (December 1976), published in Partisan Review (#2, 1977)

Delivered lecture on “The Romantic Sublime,” CUNY symposium on Romanticism (April 1977)

Commentator on panel on “Ethnicity and Culture,” American Studies Association meeting (Oct. 1977)

Lecture, “The Sixties from the Point of View of the Seventies,” Mercantile Library (December 1977)

Gates of Eden chosen as one of the Best Books of 1977 by the editors of the NY Times Book Review (January 1, 1978)

Lectures on “The Aesthetics of Popular Culture,” Columbia Seminar on American Civilization, the Columbia Graduate Students Union (February 1978), and the Yale Comparative Literature Colloquium (December 1978)

Commentator on two panels for the convention of the Organization of American Historians (April 1978)

Delivered paper, “Blake’s Reading of Freud,” Columbia Seminar on Theory of Literature (February 1979) and Duke University (April 1979)

Delivered paper on the films of Frank Capra, panel on popular culture, first annual CUNY English Forum (April 1979); proceedings published by AMS Press (New York, 1985)

Film Critic, Bennington Review (1979-83)

Judge, Melville Cane Prize, Poetry Society of America (1979)

Delivered paper on Practical Criticism and Critical Theory, conference on criticism, Boston University (September 1979); published in abridged form in Partisan Review (#1, l981)

Delivered paper on Chaplin and Comedy, YIVO conference on “Jews, Cities, and Modernist Culture,” New York (April 1980); revised version at NEMLA convention, Quebec (April 1981)

Commentator, panel on popular culture, conference on criticism, New School for Social Research (June 1980)

Delivered lectures at the University of Orleans (Dec. 1980), the University of Tours (Jan. 1981), the Middlesex Polytechnic Institute, London (Jan. 1981), the Institute for United States Studies, London University (Feb. 1981), and the Polytechnic of Central London (Feb. 1981), all under the auspices of the Fulbright Commission

Lecturer, Princeton University, American Studies series (April 1981)

Member, supervising committee, MLA section on the British Romantic Period (1981-85; chair, 1984)

Lecturer, Bard College (December 1982)

Member, National Society of Film Critics (1983- )

Delivered two lectures at Williams College (Feb. 1983)

Elected to Board of Directors of National Book Critics Circle (1983-86; 1986-89; Vice-President for Programs/East, 1986-87)

Judge, Hemingway-PEN Prize for first fiction (1983)

Humanities Consultant, Ethnic Authors Program, Queens Borough Public Libraries and Queens College, NEH grant (1983-87)

Delivered paper, “Keats and Politics,” and participated in symposium on book-reviewing, MLA convention (December 1983)

Lecture on Orwell and 1984, Orwell conference, William Patterson College (January 1984)

Lecture on 1930’s intellectuals and critics, DSA Socialist Scholars Conference (April 1984).

Read paper on American Art 1958-64, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (November 1984).

Delivered paper on Lionel Trilling at MLA convention, Washington (December 1984); organized and chaired three panels on “The Romantic Ego”; served as respondent for panel on “Keats and Politics.”

Delivered illustrated lecture on horror films, New School for Social Research (February 1985).

Commentator on Lukacs and the Historical Novel, Lukacs centennial conference, New School (April 1985).

Delivered lecture on culture of Depression years, Queens College Library Week (April l985)

Organized and introduced conference on “Deconstruction and Criticism: The Legacy of Paul de Man,” with grant from New York Council for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center (April 1985).

Delivered lecture and participated in symposium with David Halberstam on the 1960s, Lafayette College (April 2-3, 1986).

Advisory Board (Conseil), Revue Francaise d’Etudes Americaines, journal of the French Association for American Studies (1986-2003).

Lecture, “Wordsworth and the Bliss of Solitude,” 19th-Century Society, Columbia (April 19, 1986).

Chaired panel on “Philosophy and Film,” Astoria Museum of the Moving Image (April 19, l986).

Lecture on Nathanael West, A Cool Million, Keene Valley Public Library, Keene Valley, NY, May 19, 1986).

Spoke at panel on “Literary New York,” Center for American Culture, Columbia (October 20, l986).

Commentator, with Edmond Volpe, on Meet John Doe and the films of Frank Capra, CUNY-TV, “Cinema Then, Cinema Now” (October 1986).

Delivered papers at MLA convention on “The Bliss of Solitude” (Wordsworth) and “Out of the Past” (on Sunset Boulevard and other films of Billy Wilder), New York (December 28 & 30, 1986).

Fellow, New York Institute for the Humanities (1986- )

Organized and chaired panel on book-reviewing, NBCC annual meeting (January 29, 1987).

Gave talk on Nathanael West and The Day of the Locust, Lafayette College (April 1987).

Introduced and interviewed Alfred Kazin, CUNY-TV, “Writers Review” (October 2, 1987).

Participated in panel on culture, Sag Harbor Initiative, Sag Harbor, NY (October 10, 1987).

Presented NBCC Award in poetry to C.K. Williams. Text published in NBCC Journal (May 15, 1988). Reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism, vol. 56, ed. Roger Matuz (Detroit: Gale, 1989).

Gave paper on Godwin and Caleb Williams at symposium on “Romanticism and Criminal Justice” at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (February 26, 1988).

Gave talk on Margaret Bourke-White and Walker Evans at the International Center for Photography, New York (March 21, 1988).

Gave paper on Michael Gold and Henry Roth at the biennial conference of the European Association for American Studies, West Berlin (March 29, 1988).

Gave talk at panel on Russell Jacoby’s The Last Intellectuals at Socialist Scholars Conference, New York (April 9, 1988), with response by the author.

Gave paper on Sunset Boulevard at Comparative Literature conference, CUNY (April 15, 1988).

Respondent to a paper by Jacques Derrida, “The Politics of Friendship,” CUNY Graduate Center (Sept. 15, 1988).

Gave talk on Steve Stern’s Lazar Malkin Enters Heaven at Yivo Institute, annual conference (Oct. 17, 1988).

Lectured on Nathanael West, A Cool Million, Chester Public Library, Chester, NY (Nov. 15, l988).

Lecture, “The Breaking Point: 1968,” SUNY-Brockport (Nov. 30, 1988).

Read paper on Steinbeck’s social novels at Univ. of Southern California (March 15, 1989) and Steinbeck conference, San Jose State (March 17, 1989).

Read paper on N.Y. World’s Fairs of 1939 and 1964 at Columbia Seminar of American Civilization (April 27, 1989).

Introduced reading by Gunter Grass and read parallel English translations, Queens College (May 2, 1989).

Panel discussion, “Film and Politics in the 1930s,” CUNY Graduate Center (May 10, 1989).

Keynote lecture, “The City as Text: New York as a Literary Idea,” biennial convention of the Italian Association for North-American Studies, Porto Conte, Sardinia (Oct. 10, 1989).

Two lectures on “Literature and Society” at NEH Sociology colloquium, Rutgers/Newark (Oct. 24-25, 1989).

Panel on interdisciplinary study in NEH Summer Seminars, MLA convention (Dec. 29, 1989).

Slide lecture, “Documenting the Depression,” Duke University school of Continuing Education (Feb 1, 1990).

Public lecture, “Beyond the American Dream: Cultural Themes of the 1930s,” National Humanities Center (April 19, 1990); CUNY Academy (March 12, 1993).

Lectures and interviews in Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia; keynote address at conference of Australia-New Zealand American Studies Association (June-July, 1990). Co-sponsored by USIS.

Addressed conference on “The Changing Culture of the University,” Boston Public Library (Nov. 2, 1990).

Moderator, PEN public forum, “Whose Literary Canon is it Anyway?” with Edward Said, Camille Paglia, Arnold Rampersad, Catherine Stimpson, and David Bromwich, at New York University (Feb. 25, 1991).

“Convergence: How Jewish Writing Has Changed,” lecture at Williams College (Feb. 26, 1991).

“Cinema Then, Cinema Now,” CUNY-TV, commentary on Jean Renoir’s Grand Illusion, with Roger Greenspun (taped 12/12/90, first televised 4/27/91)

Advisor, documentary film on “Modernism Between the Wars,” ArtsAmerica, Inc. (1991-92)

Advisor and commentator, Arguing the World, documentary film by Joseph Dorman on New York intellectuals, Riverside Productions (1991-98)

Advisor, Small Press Center, exhibition and conference on small presses and multiculturalism (1991-92)

Lecture at La Salle University, Philadelphia, on American culture in the 1930s (Sept. 26, 1991)

Read dramatized lecture on New York writers from Poe to Bellow for Radio National, Australia (taped 6/90; broadcast 9/22/91)

Delivered paper at conference on “Reading in America,” University of Paris VII (Dec. 13, 1991). Proceedings published in Cahiers Charles V (1992).

Delivered paper on postwar social problem films, MLA convention, San Francisco (Dec. 28, 1991)

Forum on “Opening the Curriculum,” CUNY Graduate Center (March 6, 1992).

Delivered keynote address, conference on the 1930s, Youngstown State University (May 1, 1992).

Paper, “The Defiant Ones?: Liberal Filmmakers and Hollywood Stereotypes,” CUNY Graduate Center (May 15, 1992).

Paper, “The Figure of the Poet,” International Shelley conference, New York Public Library (May 20, 1992).

Chaired panel on “Fitzgerald and Biography,” Fitzgerald conference, Hofstra University (Sept. 25, 1992).

Lecture, “Canons and Modern Culture,” Hall Center, University of Kansas (Oct. 15, 1992).

Lecture, “The Bible as Literature: Genesis,” Queens College (Oct. 23, 1992); National Council of Jewish Women, Forest Hills (Jan. 19, 1993).

Keynote address, conference on “Celine: His American Presence,” Duke University (Oct. 30, 1992).

Keynote address, conference of German and American literary magazines, Goethe House (Nov. 12, 1992).

Lecture, “Multiculturalism and Literature,” Cumberland School, Great Neck (Nov. 19, 1992).

Panel on Michael Gold’s Jews Without Money; organized & chaired special session on cultural criticism. MLA convention, New York (Dec. 28-29, 1992).

Paper, “The Hardboiled Narrative: From Fiction to Film,” Narrative: An International Conference, Albany, NY (April 2, 1993).

Panel on Peter Feibleman’s Cakewalk, American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge (June 7, 1993).

Paper, “A Glint of Malice: The Imagination of Mary McCarthy,” Mary McCarthy conference, Bard College (October 22, 1993).

Organizer and moderator, panel on contemporary criticism, with David Denby, Mary Gordon, and Edward Rothstein, New York Public Library (November 16, 1993).

Board member, New York Council for the Humanities (1994-2001); Executive Committee and Chair of Grants Committee (1995-2001 ); Council Vice-Chair (1997-2001); Board member Emeritus (2001-8 ).

Organized workshop on “Political Correctness and other Cultural Conflicts of the 1990s,” TIKKUN conference, Columbia University (Jan. 17, 1994).

Organized inaugural conference of the Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate School, on “The Humanities and the City,” CUNY Graduate School (March 9, 1994)

Organized conference on “Irving Howe and His World,” CUNY Graduate School (April 15, 1994).

Panel discussion on the legacy of Irving Howe, “MetroView,” CUNY-TV (broadcast June 1994).

Panel discussion on Woodstock Festival, with Kurt Vonnegut, Martha Bayles, Jim Miller, “Think Tank,” PBS syndication (August 1994).

Respondent to paper on James Baldwin, American Civilization seminar, Columbia (Sept. 22, 1994).

Panel discussion on E.L. Doctorow’s The Waterworks, “The Usual Suspects,” BBC-Scotland (Sept 27, 1994)

Roundtable discussion with Martin Duberman, Louis Menand, Sharon Zukin, James deJongh on “The Intellectual and the City,” in thesis (Fall 1994).

“The Last of the Public Intellectuals,” on Edmund Wilson, Mercantile Library (April 5, 1995).

Organized conference in honor of Alfred Kazin, “In the American Experience”; delivered paper on Clifford Odets (May 12, 1995).

Talk on literary context of On the Road, conference on “The Writings of Jack Kerouac,” NYU (June 6, 1995)

“Looking at Hopper,” introduction to symposium on “Edward Hopper and American Literature,” CUNY Graduate School (Sept. 29, 1995).

Organized conference on “The Revival of Pragmatism,” CUNY Graduate School (Nov. 3-4, 1995). Edited the papers for Duke University Press (1998).

Editorial consultant, Encyclopedia Brittanica (1995- )

Delivered memorial tribute to Henry Roth (1906-1995), Museum of the City of New York (Feb. 29, 1996). Published in Jewish Quarterly, London (Fall 1996).

Organized and introduced panel, “Keats at 200: A Bicentennial Tribute,” CUNY Graduate Center (March 8, 1996).

Lecture on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Library Week, Queens College (April 17, 1996); Phi Beta Kappa lecture, City College (May 20, 1996); Princeton Fitzgerald conference (Sept. 21, 1996); Great Neck Library (Sept. 24, 1996).

Organized and introduced conference, “The Future of the Welfare State,” tribute to Michael Harrington, CUNY Graduate School (April 26, 1996).

Live discussion of Orwell’s Animal Farm, Mara Tapp Show, WBEZ-FM, Chicago (August 16, 1996).

Paper for panel on New York Intellectuals, American Sociological Association (August 19, 1996).

Lecture on Jewish-American writers, sponsored by Jewish Book Council and Jewish Quarterly, London (Nov. 27, 1996); Hebrew University, Jerusalem (March 30, 1997); UC-Berkeley (Nov. 10, 1997); Queens College, Distinguished Professor series (April 29, 1998); New York Public Library (Jan. 27, 1999); SUNY-New Paltz (Nov. 17, 1999).

Chaired panel on Joseph Dorman’s film Arguing the World, Jewish Museum (Jan. 26, 1997).

Forum on “The Critic as Writer,” with Alfred Kazin, Barnes & Noble, New York (Jan. 30, 1997).

Lecture on “Intellectuals, Universities and the Mass Media,” Rider College (April 17, 1997).

Faulkner Centennial Program, Algonquin Hotel, New York (Sept. 22, 1997).

Keynote lecture, “The Modern Writer as Exile,” Nassau Community College (Oct. 23, 1997).

Paper, “Is Religious Poetry Possible?,” MLA convention, Toronto (Dec. 30, 1997).

Lecture on writing about the 1930s, Biography Seminar, New York University (February 18, 1998).

Keynote lecture, conference on “The Beats and Beyond: The Counterculture of the 1950s,” Dutch American Studies Association, Middleburg (June 3, 1998).

Paper, “Roots of the Counterculture,” NY Institute for the Humanities” (March 12, 1999); conference on Legacy of the 1960s, LBJ Library, Austin (May 13, 1999).

Organized conference on “Ralph Ellison and American Culture,” CUNY Graduate Center (May 10, 1999).

Paper, “Can These Bones Live?: Biography and Cultural History,” Wyoming English Conference, Laramie, WY (June 17, 1999).

Fiction judge, Koret Book Awards, 1999.

Lecture, “Hard Times For Poets: Social Suffering and the Literary Imagination,” Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas (Oct. 26, 1999); also, American Civilization Seminar, Columbia (January 20, 2000).

Associate, American Civilization Seminar, Columbia (1999- ).

Discussion of John Ford, The Iron Horse, CUNY-TV, City Cinematheque, with Jerry Carlson (January 2000).

Lecture, “Aaron Copland’s America,” Education program, Carnegie Hall (February 26, 2000).

Lecture, “The Return of the Jewish American Writer,” Jewish Book Week 2000 (London), sponsored by the Jewish Book Council and the TLS (March 5, 2000).

Panel on D.W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, Americanist Group, CUNY Graduate Center (March 23, 2000).

Fiction judge, Koret Book Awards, 2000; guest speaker, awards presentation ceremony, Harvard Club (April 10, 2000).

Organized conference on “Law, Literature, and Culture,” CUNY Graduate Center (May 12, 2000).

Directed Mellon Seminar, “Issues in interpretation: The Culture of the Cold War” (June 1-29, 2000).

Lecture, “Roots of the Counterculture: The 1950s Revisited,” Emory University (Nov. 20, 2000).

Faculty panel on Twain and Huckleberry Finn, CUNY Graduate Center (Nov. 30, 2000).

Fiction judge, Koret Jewish Book Awards, 2001.

Lecture, “Hollywood, the American Dream, and the Great Depression,” CUNY Graduate Center (April 30, 2001).

Contributing Editor, The Common Review (2001- )

Paper, “Designing Metropolis,” conference on “Architecture and Mystery,” Ph.D. Program in Art History, CUNY Graduate Center (May 4, 2001).

Conversation with Ilan Stavans on memoir and language, Eldridge Street Project, New York (Sept. 30, 2001).

Introduced reading by Amos Oz, 92nd Street Y (October 2001).

Paper, “Jews and Power,” conferences on Jewish-American writing, Princeton (Oct. 23, 2001) and (read in absentia) Oxford (Oct. 28, 2001).

Discussion of Jean Renoir, The Southerner, City Cinematheque, CUNY-TV (December 2001).

“Steinbeck and the Great Depression,” keynote address, Steinbeck centennial conference, Hofstra (March 21, 2002); lectures on Steinbeck, Sachem Public Library, Holbrook (April 1, 2002), Mercantile Library (April 17, 2002).

Organized symposium, “Film Culture, Past and Present,” in honor of Stanley Kauffmann; chaired panel, “Movie Love and Film Art” CUNY Graduate Center (April 30, 2002).

Introduced Stanley Kunitz reading the poems of Anna Akhmatova, CUNY Graduate Center (May 8, 2002).

Faculty Lecture, “Adventures in Literary History: The Midcentury Generation,” CUNY English Program (May 10, 2002).

TimesTalks panel discussion, “Revisiting the Fifties: Cold War Culture,” with Norman Mailer and Patricia Bosworth, CUNY Graduate Center (May 20, 2002).

Conversation with Brian Morton and Philip French on the work of Jackson Pollock, BBC-Scotland (May 23, 2002).

Panel on Ellison’s Invisible Man, Chicago Humanities Festival (November 1, 2002).

Panelist, Bing Crosby centennial tribute, Hofstra University (October 2002).

Lecture, “Jews and Power,” Center for Holocaust Studies, CUNY Graduate Center (November 2002).

Chaired session on the work of Lionel Trilling, MLA conference, New York (December 27, 2002).

Round table discussion of I.B. Singer’s Shadows on the Hudson, with Ron Rosenbaum and Jonathan Rosen, Temple Ansche Chesed (March 9, 2003).

Lecture, “Literature and the Real World,” University of Texas at El Paso (April 3, 2003).

Read paper on Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell Centennial Conference, Wellesley College (May 2, 2003).

Lectures on the 1950s and on Leopards in the Temple, Rider College (Feb. 27, 2003); Riverdale Jewish Center (May 18, 2003); CUNY Graduate Center, Library Associates (May 20, 2003).

Live panel discussion on criticism, ODYSSEY, WBEZ-FM, Chicago Public Radio (July 18, 2003).

Received George Hendricks Research Award from the James Jones Literary Society for Leopards in the Temple. Delivered keynote address at annual meeting, Austin (Oct. 11, 2003).

Introduced reading by John Updike, 92nd Street Y, New York (Oct. 27, 2003).

Introduced Irving Howe lecture by A.B. Yehoshua, CUNY Graduate Center (Nov. 19, 2003).

Organized and moderated panel on “The World of Pulp,” with Robert Polito, Luc Sante, Maria DiBattista et al (Dec. 2, 2003).

Contributed to symposium on little magazines, Paris Review, Anniversary issue (Winter 2004).

Chaired panels at Key West Literary Seminar, “Crossing Borders,” on immigrant literature (Jan. 8-11, 2004). Broadcast in part on C-Span2 (Jan 24, 2002).

Taped round-table discussion of I.B. Singer for the Library of America (Jan. 26, 2004). Audio and transcript on LOA website. Transcript published in The Singer Album, ed. Ilan Stavans (NY: Library of America, 2004).

Paper on American Modernism for conference on “The State and Fate of Modernism,” Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas (February 20, 2004).

External member, ad hoc tenure and promotion committee, Columbia University (March-April 2004).

Lecture, on American Modernism, Dartmouth (May 18, 2004).

I. B. Singer centennial programs: introduced program at 92nd Street Y (Oct. 4, 2004); public conversation with Ilan Stavans, CUNY Graduate Center (Oct. 6, 2004); lecture, “Shadows: I.B. Singer and the Holocaust,” Mercantile Library (Oct. 13, 2004), Smithsonian Institution (Feb. 13, 2005), Brooklyn Public Library (May 8, 2005).

Introduced Burnshaw lecture, Charles Simic, CUNY Graduate Center (Nov. 5, 2004).

Rodrigue Lecture on Kate Chopin and The Awakening, University of Louisiana, Lafayette (Nov. 11, 2004).

Lecture and seminar, “Literature and the Real World,” Liberal Arts College, Concordia University, Montreal (March 10-11, 2005).

Council member and Vice-President, Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, 2005-06.

Lecture, Critics and Brunch series, 92nd Street Y (December 18, 2005).

Paper, “Between Two Worlds,” conference on “The Writer Uprooted: Contemporary Jewish Exile Literature,” Indiana University (March 23, 2006).

Lecture, “Joyce, Lawrence, and the Way to Modernism,” Julian B. Kaye Lecture in James Joyce Studies, Brooklyn College (April 6, 2006).

Participated in “A Tribute to Paul Zweig,” with C.K. Williams, Adam Gopnik, Galway Kinnell, and Robert Bly, Poets House (May 2, 2006).

Taped podcast for Slate on Eric Lott, The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual, with Alex Star and Stephen Metcalf (May 2006).

Moderated panel on Scribblers on the Roof and American Jewish writing, with Marshall Berman, Alan Mintz, and Judith Shulevitz, Temple Ansche Chesed (May 21, 2006).

Lecture, “Odets, Clurman, and the Great Depression,” Odets centennial conference, CUNY Graduate Center (June 5, 2006).

Swig Jewish Studies Lecture, “Between Two Worlds: New Immigrant Voices,” Univ. of San Francisco (Sept. 12, 2006).

President, Association of Literary Scholars and Critics, 2006-07. Wrote “President’s Column” (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall 2007, ALSC Newsletter). Organized annual conference, Chicago (Oct. 12-14, 2007). Presidential address (Oct. 12, 2007).

Keynote lecture, conference, “The Sense of Our Time: Norman Mailer and America in Conflict,” Ransom Center, University of Texas, Austin (Nov. 9, 2006).

Editorial Board, The Mailer Review (2007- )

Discussion of Lewis Milestone’s film version of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, with Jerry Carlson, City Cinematheque, CUNY-TV (April 2007).

Panelist, conference on Mailer and the Pentagon march, Georgetown University (Oct. 19, 2007).

Introduced and led discussion of film by Andrzej Wajda, Korczak, Museum of the Jewish Heritage (Jan. 30, 2008).

Panelist, discussion of literary adaptation and Faulkner’s The Sound and the Fury, CUNY Graduate Center (March 17, 2008).

Keynote lecture, “Dancing in the Dark: Sounds and Sights of the Great Depression,” American Studies conference, CUNY Graduate Center (April 18, 2008).

Moderator, panel on postwar American culture, with Gary Giddins, Anne Roiphe, and Irving Sandler, Jewish Museum (May 8, 2008).

Convener, seminar on “Literary Magazines: Meeting Places,” ALSC conference, Philadelphia (Oct. 25, 2008).

Panel, “The Great American Novel Revisited,” Chicago Humanities Festival (Nov. 1, 2008).

Organized and moderated panel, “Jewish Intellectuals and the Writing Life,” with Steve Zipperstein, Ruth Franklin, Daphne Merkin, and Edward Rothstein, CUNY Graduate Center (April 29, 2009).

Lecture, “Why So Many Jews Have Become Writers,” Temple Adas Israel, Sag Harbor (July 19, 2009).

Panel, “Making Sense of Hard Times: Culture and Crisis in the Great Depression,” with Peter Conn, Alice Kessler-Harris, Molly Haskell, and Gary Giddins (moderator), CUNY Graduate Center (Sept. 21, 2009).

Keynote, Creative Time Summit, “Art and Social Crisis,” New York Public Library (Oct. 24, 2009).

Keynote, Creative Time Summit, “Art and Social Crisis,” New York Public Library (Oct. 24, 2009). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0tHiaG3yCc.

Additional lectures and readings about the 1930s at Harvard Book Store (Cambridge), Politics and Prose (DC), First Person Arts Festival (Philadelphia), Ransom Center (Austin), Tenement Museum (NY), Columbia University, New-York Historical Society, Camden County College (NJ), Savannah College of the Arts, Fairleigh Dickinson University, and others archived here.

Moderated panel on “The Future of Criticism,” tribute to Roger Shattuck, with Denis Donoghue, Christopher Ricks, Liesl Schillinger, Center for Fiction (April 17, 2010).

Delivered Commencement Address, CUNY Graduate Center, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center (June 2, 2010).

Dancing in the Dark nominated for National Book Critics Circle Award in Criticism. Wins Ambassador Book Award in American Studies from English-Speaking Union (awarded June 10, 2010).

Moderated program on film with Daniel and Toby Talbot, Jewish Center of the Hamptons (August 2, 2010).

Moderated panel on arts funding with Rocco Landesman, Kate Levin and others, Philoctetes Center, NY Psychoanalytic Institute (Sept. 25, 2010).

Lecture, “The Reign of the Novel and the Rise of Film Culture,” Lionel Trilling Seminar, Columbia University (May 2, 2012).  Respondents: Maria DiBattista, Mark Greif.


The Catalyst, literary supplement of the Daily Californian, Berkeley (August 1973).

Some 30 radio and television interviews on the publication of Gates of Eden (March-June 1977) “Good Morning America,” ABC television network, on the films of the 1970’s (12/24/79) BBC-3 interview on the work of Lionel Trilling (broadcast October 1977, abridged transcript in The Listener, 12/16/77, complete transcript in Three Honest Men, Edmund Wilson, F.R. Leavis, Lionel Trilling: A Critical Mosaic, ed. Philip French [Manchester: Carcanet New Press, 1980])

BBC-3 interview with Philip French on Gates of Eden (broadcast November 1977, transcript published in Encounter, June 1978; also in Arabic translation)

Interview by Wollhee Choe for South Korean journal, first published in Korean translation, original transcript, revised, in New York Arts Journal (September 1980)

Leonard Lopate, “New York and Company,” WNYC, on the photography of Margaret Bourke-White (March 1988).

Interviewed by E.J. Dionne Jr. for front-page article on Vietnam and the 1960’s, N.Y. Times (8/23/88); interviewed by Jack Cole on same topic for WFYI, Phoenix (8/24/88).

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