Articles – old

The Undying Animal, Columbia Magazine, Fall 2008. Adapted from the presidential address given at the annual conference of the Association of Literary Scholars and Critics in October 2007.

Guest Post: Morris Dickstein on the Critical Landscape Today. Critical Mass, August 30, 2007.

Don’t Call It Night. The Nation, January 21, 2002. On Amos Oz’s “The Same Sea.”

Fiction and Political Fact, Bookforum, June/July/August 2008.

From Ethnic Ripples, a Tidal Wave: Postwar Jewish Writers Conserved the Past While Dreaming Beyond It. Forward, May 07, 2004.

From Woodstock to Sarah Palin, or Not. Did Woodstock Change America?, August 9, 2009.

Remembering John Updike. Dissent Online, February 2, 2009.

The Inner Lives of Men. New York Times Book Review, June 17, 2007. On John Williams’s novel Stoner.

The Nijinsky of Ambivalence. On Norman Mailer and the 1967 Pentagon March. The Nation, December 10, 2007.